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Knappa High School students build barrier to keep sea lions off docks

Thu, May 12, 2016

A group of Knappa High School students have been working on a solution to keep the sea lions off the docks at the East Mooring Basin. Koin 6 News reported on the story: Astoria attempts, again, to keep sea lions off docks 

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KNAPPA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BUILD BARRIER TO KEEP SEA LIONS OFF DOCKS - Knappa High School students built colorful railings to deter the sea lions

LOVE THEM OR HATE THEM, THE SEA LIONS ARE COMING. - In the summer of 2016, The Port expects over two thousand of the pinnipeds to once again take up residence in the East Mooring Basin.

SEA LIONS IN THE NEWS - Various news outlets reported on the issue of the sea lions down at the East Mooring Basin.

FREE WILLY: TAKE 2 - The Orca whale used to drive the sea lions out of the East Mooring Basin is returning.