Boatyard Rates

The following rates will go into effect April 1, 2023.

Pier 3 Boatyard Rates 
Haul-Out/Round Trip:$10.00 per ft for less than 50 ft$15.00 per ft for greater than 50 ft
Haul-Out 1 Way:$6.00 per ft for less than 50 ft$9.00 per ft for greater than 50 ft
Vessel Storage:Activestarting at $0.65/ft. per day
 Inactivestarting at $0.33/ft. per day
Trailer Storage:$10.00 per day$150.00 monthly
Power:30 amp
     $5.00 per day
     $95.00 per month
50 amp
     $10.00 per day
     $125.00 per month
Power Wash:
    (per person)
$55.00 min first 1/2 hour$95.00 per hour
88-ton TraveLift:$157.00 per hour 
Crane:$125.00 per hour 
Labor:$79.00 per hour 
Gear Storage:$225.00 per month 
Fork Lift:$65.00 per hour 
Snorkel Lift:$100.00 per hour 
Scissor Lift:$100.00 per day 
Environmental Fee:$75.00 min 
Tarp Fee:$60.00 min 


Download a pdf of the boatyard rates HERE pdf Document