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Log Exports Resume on Pier One

Date: 12/01/2023

Since losing log exports in 2019, the Port of Astoria’s Pier One has been under-utilized. Though cruise vessel traffic has steadily increased since the pandemic and has become a major contributor to the local economy, cargo operations have ceased.

It is with great pleasure that the Port of Astoria announces that on November 7th, the Port Commission approved a two-year lease agreement with Northwest Forest Link (NFL). The agreement, whose renewal options could carry NFL operations through November 2029, will allow NFL to utilize approximately four acres on Pier One for log exports. Based in Longview, Washington, NFL also operates log yards in Rainier, Oregon and Aberdeen, Washington and specializes in log purchasing and export marketing,

NFL will take advantage of Astoria’s strategic location to bolster its log export business which will work well with existing cruise operations. Cruise ships and other large vessels will continue docking on the north face of Pier One while NFL’s cargo loading operations will commence on the west side of Pier One – and provide cruise passengers a bird’s-eye view of log export operations.