What Our Airport Visitors Say

"A wonderful experience" was my wife's comment when departing KAST yesterday.
We flew in from Everett (KPAE) in our single engine Cardinal hoping to enjoy a brief visit to Astoria.

I called the airport office Sat morning to inquire about the availability of a Courtesy Car, and Brent said one was available on a first come basis. When we arrived it was still available.

It was a great vehicle, clean, running well, and with air conditioning that worked. Both of us sincerely appreciated the Port of Astoria's providing it, and more than happy to put in far more gas than we used.

My wife has mobility issues (we are senior citizens). Your airport courtesy car made it comfortable for her, allowed us to search and find a good restaurant, see a few sights including the Columbia Maritime Museum, and return for takeoff in our brief four hour stay, all without the hassle of calling cabs or renting a car for our quick trip. Your airport building and pilot facilities are good and appreciated.

The ability and convenience to get from an airport to town is a prime consideration for all airports I fly to. All in all we have a great memory of Astoria. We'll be back and will tell our aviation friends.


George Futas, CFII
Kirkland WA